In August 2016, our Kenya Academy Centre facilitated a meeting of stakeholders in Kakamega County in Western Kenya. The main objective was to support the establishment of a Kakamega Stakeholder Partnership on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR&M). Kakamega is one of the very first counties in Kenya to pass a law on DRR&M, specifically focusing on preventing, mitigating, or responding to disasters in the County.  We are now working with the County and other partners to implement the Act and to enhance stakeholder capacities in this important sector using a consortium approach.

The consortium will work with the Disaster Management Committee – created as a requirement of the Act – to share knowledge and learning and to develop more effective and efficient ways of responding to humanitarian crises in the County, including decision-making.

We are currently supporting implementation of the risk and hazard profiling activity which involves mapping risks and hazards in the County. Results from this exercise are expected to be ready in October 2016.

Working in partnership is central to the Academy and our mission to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. The creation of the legislation and the consortium of partnerships is exactly what we are trying to do – local solutions for local problems – and we will do everything we can to support and facilitate this.

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