We have been working with a number of humanitarian organisations, focussing on professional development in the humanitarian sector. HPass, as the initiative is called, is a digital platform where key players can meet: humanitarian workers and volunteers, learning and assessment providers, and employers.

With HPass, any humanitarian, whether they be a volunteer or an experienced field worker, will have the opportunity to have their current experience [formally] recognised through the sector.

HPass is also an opportunity for learning and assessment providers to join a global platform, sign up to the sector-recognised standards and provide digital badges for both learners completing their courses and people whose competencies are being assessed.

A key innovation for HPass is the recognition of the experience of humanitarians through the signposting of quality assessment of competencies. With this facility, humanitarians will no longer need to sit in a classroom to have their skills and experience recognised.

HPass will also be accessible by humanitarian employers, who will be able to search for individuals by their skills and experience increasing the speed and efficiency of recruitment during an emergency or to meet ongoing operational needs.

In summary, HPass will have a digital platform that will be a one-stop shop to:

  • Give humanitarians a space to showcase their experience and skills (a LinkedIn-type tool for humanitarians);
  • Get digital badges for experiences and skills they already have and for new courses they will do in the future;
  • Get training, assessment and career development opportunities;
  • Help HR professionals recruit more efficiently;
  • Bring learning and assessment providers into globally recognised humanitarian standards.

HPass will be starting a series of pilots in April 2018 and will have a final platform in 2019.

HPass is governed by a steering group of key humanitarian organisations that are passionate about learning and ensuring that the sector grows and is recognised for its skills and experience. The steering group joined forces and are pooling their resources and expertise to make HPass a success.

For more information on HPass and to find out about our role in safeguarding see our statement here

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