East Africa Centre

Opened in February 2016
Director: James Kisia 
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
 Contact: EastAfrica@humanitarian.academy

About the Centre

East Africa is a very diverse region, home to over 170 million people, out of which at least twenty million live in extreme and chronic poverty. When a crisis happens, these are the people who are most affected. By having an Academy Centre which focuses on skills for effective and efficient humanitarian response, we aim to enable people to be better prepared when disasters strike.

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East Africa – Kaya Courses

Child rights education in East Africa 

The Open University’s CREATE curriculum is designed to provide health workers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with a general introduction to children’s rights and their application to day to day work practice.

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Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard (Swahili) 

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (the CHS) tells organisations and individuals how to ensure they deliver quality, effective and accountable humanitarian responses.

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Introduction to Nutrition

This UNICEF module provides an introduction to nutrition – one of UNICEF’s focus areas. It introduces work approaches, core concepts and interventions. It also highlights the importance of multi-sectoral programmes.

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Our projects in East Africa

Localisation and Contextualisation of DRRM in East Africa – Conference Highlights

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East Africa Academy Centre – One year on

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Partners in East Africa

What our partners say


“I have seen first-hand the hardship and trauma that people go through when they are suffering from drought or a conflict. We must make sure that the East Africa region and the Horn of Africa, is more coordinated, more expertise and a cross-border effort. The launch of the Kenya Academy Centre will analyse what is required and generate appropriate knowledge and so local communities can respond in an emergency and be more resilient.”

Ambassador Mahboub Maalim, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

East Africa Impact Stories

Improving The Efficiency Of Humanitarian Organisations In Tanzania: The Structured Internship Programme

Improving the efficiency of humanitarian organisations in Tanzania: the structured internship programme

Organisations are more likely to hire an individual with experience than one without. The dilemma, however, for many young people is where to get this experience from. The humanitarian learning needs assessment carried out by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy in 2016 showed that one of the main challenges facing the humanitarian sector in Tanzania was inadequate practical skills for personnel who can plan and respond to crises effectively.
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My Learning Journey As A Humanitarian – Meet George

My learning journey as a humanitarian – Meet George

I come from a modest family and getting access to education has been a challenge ever since I was a child. I had to pay for most of my studies, working many jobs at a time to cover my fees.
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Capacity Enhancement For Better Disaster Response In Kakamega County: Jabob’s Journey

Capacity enhancement for better disaster response in Kakamega County: Jabob’s journey

In the last decade, Kakamega County, located in the western region of Kenya, has experienced a fair share of natural disasters such as lightning strikes, seasonal flooding, and landslides during the rainy season, as well as man- made disasters such as fires, mine shaft collapse and road accidents.
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