The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is launching a free online course to provide a skills boost in coaching and mentoring for emergency response workers. The course has been developed in response to the growing number of emergencies and the urgent need to develop the capacity of staff in crisis-affected countries.

Gabrielle Schembri, Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s Learning Programmes Manager says,

“We are launching the Coaching and Mentoring e-learning course because we have identified a gap in humanitarian response learning. This course is the first of its kind as it has been designed by experienced coaches to specifically help humanitarian responders develop their understanding of coaching and mentoring, and the benefits of these when working in an emergency response. With this course, they will be able to recognise how to structure and carry out an effective coaching or mentoring session, build confidence in practicing coaching skills and feel better prepared to coach and mentor others.”

Pressure on staff working in humanitarian response often comes from a combination of the need to act rapidly in extremely stressful situations, whilst making decisions that will have an impact on people’s lives and livelihoods for years to come. Coaching and mentoring are key in helping humanitarians develop the skills they need to meet these challenges effectively and sustainably. It has been proven that regular coaching and mentoring sessions can increase staff skills and confidence, facilitate reflection, support learning and improve organisational productivity.

“Coaching and Mentoring skills are a key requirement for local and international NGO staff and volunteers, and we are confident that this new course will bring useful tools to create supported and guided learning opportunities”, says the Academy’s Global Learning and Innovation Director, Atish Gonsalves.

Jimmy Nadapdap, South Asia and Pacific Regional Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Director at World Vision International, says

“I am really pleased to see the Humanitarian Leadership Academy release the coaching and mentoring online learning programme. I am a beneficiary of effective mentoring and it has not only helped me to develop as a leader, it has also helped me to deliver better response programming when working in the field. “

The course requires one hour of learning and is being hosted on the Academy’s digital learning platform, Kaya. Once they have completed the course, learners will receive an online certificate. To enrol in this free course, visit

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