COVID-19 will prompt millions of people to play a responder role in their community. Supporting responders to access the right skills at the right time has never been more important.

Save the Children has developed a new learning resource to support responders in their work within the new environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This new learning pathway is available now on the e-learning platform Kaya in 4 languages:

What’s included in this new pathway?

The COVID-19 Learning Pathway provides the following:

  • Online technical capacity strengthening programmes to support humanitarian responses during this crisis, covering critical topics, including Public Health, Child Protection, gender, cash and Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support, amongst other topics.
  • Online soft skills and remote working capacity strengthening programmes to support humanitarians to adapt to new ways of working during this crisis.
  • A library of key downloadable resources relating to working in the context of COVID-19, including remote working guides and resilience support for staff and volunteers, and key technical guides.

The pathway consists of over 45 modules, as well as a library of additional resources, all of which can be accessed independently, so you don’t have to do it all at once!

Is this pathway for me?

Yes, absolutely! The pathway is for anyone already working in the humanitarian or international development sectors, as well as those supporting people in their community for the first time! It can be used as a foundational piece of learning for new starters and volunteers, as well as a refresher for more experienced staff.

Save the Children is committed to working with the sector to ensure that this pathway is updated and developed on a continual basis, as new learning resources become available, making it the “go-to” resource hub on COVID-19 for the sector. If there is a specific  resource you’d like us to include, please contact us.

These are unprecedented times, take care of yourselves and each other and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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