Get your digital badges on Kaya!

We are pleased to announce that we have recently created several digital badges to recognise your learning and achievements on Kaya. Think of these badges as digital certificates that you can display in a variety of ways online.

Which Kaya courses are currently providing digital badges?

And many more to come…!


What should I do with these badges?

Once you’ve completed one of the courses above, you’ll be guided to accept these badges on myHPass, a free badge storage and display service for humanitarians and volunteers like you. If it’s your first badge, you can create a new account. Find out more at

Share your badges on social media!

First, we encourage you to make your badge public: once you are on myHPass, go to the ‘Badges’ tab > select badge > go to the ‘Settings’ tab > click ‘Visible in Passport and can be publicly shared’ and save.

Now you can share your badge on social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Click on the icons and see how it works!

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