We have put together several learning pathways to make it easier to find what you should be learning for a specific role. If you are a volunteer or an experienced response worker, you will find a pathway that suits you.


Our three Essentials pathways are:


Volunteer Essentials

Volunteers play an important part in a humanitarian response and are always on the first-line response to emergencies globally. This pathway aims to develop knowledge and understanding of humanitarian work in order for volunteers to work more effectively within a humanitarian context.


Humanitarian Essentials

We want to ensure that all humanitarian workers have access to quality learning pathways, particularly those working in local and national humanitarian response. This introduction to working in the humanitarian sector is tailored to meet their specific needs.


Management Essentials

This pathway aims to enable managers to further their professional development, skills and knowledge, building on their experience to date and making them feel confident and able to manage effectively in a variety of humanitarian contexts.

Humanitarian Leadership Academy
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