Humanitarian crises are becoming more complex and protracted and there is growing recognition that innovation can play a key role in helping populations to prepare for and respond to crises.

For this reason, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy organised its first innovation workshop in Nairobi, Kenya from 10-12 January 2017, bringing together local NGOs, county and national governments, academics, innovators and the private sector.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the twenty-seven participants to learn more about innovation, especially in the field of learning, and improve knowledge management in the area of “Risk Management and Disaster Reduction”.

More specifically, the workshop enabled participants from organisations such as the Kenya Red Cross, Oxfam, World Vision, Ilabs Chandaria Innovation Centre, to become more familiar with gamification – one of the current innovations in the field of learning.

The highly interactive program, which was led by Nesta and ITC-ILO, helped to fully engage participants and therefore increase the learning experience for all.

“It was a captivating and interactive forum that gave me new skills in innovation and how to implement them in day to day processes. Eagerly awaiting the next one!” – Morris Laichena, Manager Networks and Support Services, Kenya Institute of Management

The workshop was also an opportunity for participants to network and paved the way for further innovation activities in Kenya. Over the coming weeks, participants will further refine the games they developed during the workshop with the objective of sharing them more broadly within their organisations.

“We were very pleased with the turnout and outputs of this workshop. The workshop has confirmed that the humanitarian sector in Kenya is clearly interested in innovation and we are already discussing potential partnerships to take this work to the next level.” – Charles Lwanga-Ntale, Kenya Academy Centre Director

What next?

We will continue to focus on the creation and dissemination of practical innovation skills through our partnerships to support local humanitarian actors. If you are interested in finding out more about our innovation work and discuss partnership opportunities, please write to

About our innovation strategy

Innovation is one of the key pillars of our core strategy. We aim to promote innovation in the field of learning and learning about innovation. Our innovation strategy is investing in what works on the ground – bringing together the recognition, support, networks, and dissemination to support learning and innovation. We will do this through partnerships managed by the Academy Centres; focusing on the creation and dissemination of practical innovation skills through our partnerships into humanitarian actors in local communities.

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