Grace* is a Sudanese woman who was forced to flee her country with nothing else but her husband, her three young boys aged 6 , 3 and 2 and her 2 months’ old baby. This was in December 2013, just after the war broke out and a week before Christmas day. The war was inter-tribal and Grace being from the Bare tribe was in itself a great security risk if not a life and death situation.

The situation was terrible, with gun fire renting the air and bullets landing indiscriminately on the roof of her house.

 “There was no food, no water and we were trapped in our homes. We had no choice but to leave for the sake of our safety and survival.” says Grace.

On December 17th 2013, Grace and her family fled Juba by road, and through Uganda wound their way into Kenya. They arrived in Kenya on December 25th, and together marked their first Christmas away from home, in a foreign land. They stayed in a hotel for a day before they found a place to stay in one of Nairobi neighborhoods. Thereafter she settled her sons into a school.

According to UNHCR, Kenya is currently hosting over 500,000 refugees and asylum seekers mainly from the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa region, and is now the second biggest refugee-hosting country in Africa after Ethiopia.

Four years down the line, Grace has settled into normalcy and a safe routine for her and her family but greatly misses her home and her relatives. She continues to pray that one day peace will be restored to a point where she can safely return to her homeland.


*The person’s name has been changed

Inga Kimaru
Communications Manager
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