A research project in partnership with the London School of Economics

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy have partnered with the London School of Economics to conduct a research project. The aim is to analyse if and how the recent changes due to COVID-19 have impacted the access and use of learning. The focus is on the Humanitarian Operations Programme (HOP) –a three level training programme, specifically designed by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy to strengthen capacities of local staff.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for humanitarian actors from international, national and local organisations within the sector who have registered and participated on the Humanitarian Operations Programme (HOP) – Fundamentals (level 1) – hosted on the e-learning platform Kaya. We are also looking for people who have participated in the HOP Core (level 2) and HOP Response (level 3) programmes delivered previously by the Academy.

The participant input is vital for our researchers to understand and gain an insight into their experience of accessing the programme and undertaking the learning within it, pre and post pandemic.

Get in touch with us

We would like to reach out to HOP participants to get in touch with us via email HCBMEAL@savethechildren.org.uk if they would like to be involved as participant in this study, which will include completing a survey and/or being contacted to participate in a key informant interview via video call.

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