Humanitarian Essentials MOOC Part 1 – Consultancy

We are looking for a facilitator/consultant to run our Humanitarian Essentials Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).


In 2016 the Academy developed the Humanitarian Essentials Pathway in order to respond to an identified need to provide access to core learning for entry level humanitarian workers. The pathway is a self-directed and self-guided learning offer, composed of seven sets. It aims to improve the core humanitarian competencies of entry-level humanitarians, as identified by the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework (CHCF). The Humanitarian Essentials Pathway is now undergoing a refreshment to improve the learning based on users’ feedback.

In October 2017, the Academy will offer English speaking entry level humanitarian workers a MOOC on Humanitarian Essentials which will be delivered by one of the Academy’s partner organisations; ITCILO (International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation). The Humanitarian Essentials MOOC – Part 1 is a learning opportunity that enhances part of the currently available Humanitarian Essentials Pathway (another part of the Pathway will be delivered in 2018 by Humanitarian Essentials MOOC – Part 2), by bringing learners from Level 1 (self-guided, self-paced learning) to Level 2 (structured, supported learning). The MOOC will make learning more relevant by:

  • enhancing interaction among peers and experts;
  • offering a more supported way of learning;
  • providing the opportunity to ask questions and making sure learners do not feel isolated.

Learners will be incentivised to take this MOOC which is built around the content already available on Kaya (but under refreshment at the moment). The MOOC will not only be a landing page for learners to retrieve all the courses that are part of the Humanitarian Essentials Pathway, but will offer a structured facilitation over a period of 4 weeks. Online facilitation will include:

  • opportunity to attend a webinar with an expert;
  • opportunity to participate in relevant discussion forum threads which address key challenges and questions for entry-level professionals;
  • opportunity for entry-level professional to submit an assignment which is relevant and context-related.

The Humanitarian Essentials MOOC – Part 1 ideal learning journey could be as follows:

  • Week 1: Humanitarian principles and standards;
  • Week 2: Understanding the humanitarian context;
  • Week 3: International legal framework;
  • Week 4: Applying humanitarian principles (focus on practical application, Case Study/ Impact Stories ).

The Academy’s offer of this MOOC will also serve the purpose of bringing more attention to the different courses that are available on Kaya and are part of the Humanitarian Learning Pathway, and to PHAP Credentialing Program in three related competency areas:

  • Applying Humanitarian Principles in Practice;
  • Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem;
  • International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action.

The MOOC is a learning product able to reach a large audience. The Academy aims at attracting around 3,000 individuals to sign up for the course (with 10% of sign ups expected to complete).

The live/facilitated Humanitarian Essentials MOOC – Part 1 will run from October 2, 2017 to October 29, 2017. The learner will have the opportunity to complete all assignments till November 5, 2017. Hoverer, there will be no facilitation during the 5th week.

The Academy is now looking for a facilitator/consultant with subject matter expertise in the above described three competency areas.

How to apply

Find out more here

Download the Expression of Interest template

Please submit your completed Expression of Interest to Petra Pojerova:

Closing date: 17 August 2017


Contract: up to 12 days in total – starting September 27, 2017 and ending November 8, 2017 (6 weeks)

Closing date:

17 August 2017

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