Request for proposals: Evaluating a Humanitarian Learning Programme for a private sector organisation in the Middle East Region

About the Humanitarian Learning Programme

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is working with a private sector organisation (HSBC) based in the Middle East to deliver a humanitarian learning programme for approximately 200 of their staff from 13th May to 12th June 2018. The staff are based in Egypt, Oman and the United Arab Emirates and do not have a humanitarian sector background (although are likely to have some exposure to the sector).

The Humanitarian Learning Programme is an introduction to key humanitarian sector themes and will help HSBC staff be better prepared to act as volunteers, as several are engaged in volunteering in their communities. The programme is structured as one module per week:

  • Module 1: Humanitarian 101
  • Module 2: Humanitarian Principles and Standards
  • Module 3: Communicating in times of Crisis
  • Module 4: Safety and Security

The programme will wrap up with a virtual simulation exercise where learners put into practice knowledge they obtained from the programme. The programme will be delivered in English.

It will run remotely as a distance e-learning course, with its own page on the Academy’s learning platform, Kaya. Participants will access learning and complete activities on Kaya – for example e-learning, videos, reading, quizzes, discussion forums, and webinars. Each module has a maximum of 2 hours learning – of which around 1.5 hours is self-guided content that learners do individually in their own time; and around 0.5 hours of activity is interactive e.g. group work, discussion forum, or webinar.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the evaluation is twofold: to evidence the short-term impact of the humanitarian learning programme on the approximately 200 participants, and to capture lessons learned from the partnership between the private sector organisation and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy to establish whether the course could be scaled up and improved for future initiatives.

Accordingly, the primary outputs of the evaluation will be:

  1. An evaluation report for the private sector organisation and Academy that evidences the immediate impact of the programme; lessons learned from implementing the programme for both organisations; and recommendations for future collaborations between the organisations.
  2. A short case study showcasing the humanitarian learning programme as a successful example of collaboration between the humanitarian and private sectors.

Scope of the evaluation

The initial inception phase of the evaluation will require a review of existing programme documentation and literature, including internal Academy after-action reviews (AARs), the humanitarian learning programme content, the pre- and post-assessment and participant surveys.

The next phase will entail the collation and analysis of data from the assessments and surveys results, and interviews and/or focus group discussions with key programme stakeholders. There may also be scope for interviews with a sample of course participants in addition to interviews with Academy staff and other stakeholders.

More information is in the Request for Proposals document [PDF].

How to apply

Please submit a completed expression of interest to Ed Small at  by Monday 28 May 2018.


Duration of Contract: May – July 2018

Budget: GBP 6,500

Location: remote

Closing date:

28 May 2018

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