Request for proposals: Global Assessment of Learning Needs

Background and Context

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s mission is to positively contribute to a humanitarian response that is faster and more effective with increased local participation and ownership. The Academy is implementing a set of strategies in order to realise its mission; one of them is enabling access to learning platforms, tools and resources for local responders, humanitarian organisations, and learning and development providers.

The Academy is developing different learning products (platforms, tools and resources) for different stakeholders, depending on identified needs both at global and local level.

The Academy’s Learning Agenda Report in 2017 identified the following learning areas as priorities for learning interventions:
– Food security
– Policy and Standards
– Needs assessments
– Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) in emergencies
– Communication
– Coaching, leadership and change management

Since the beginning of 2017, learning projects have been taken forward to address all the identified priorities, and they are now at different stages of completion. At the end of 2017, in order to optimise the coordination of work across the various business units and regional/national offices of the Academy, the work of the Academy has been organised around core learning themes, also called “network themes”. These will also shape the Academy’s focus for the next two years.

The relevant Academy’s network themes include:
1. Business Continuity Planning
2. Humanitarian Essentials
3. Volunteer Essentials
4. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Essentials

The additional thematic areas identified through earlier scoping that the Academy would like to be included in the commissioned research are as follows:
5. Leadership, change management and coaching
6. Food security
7. Policy and Standards
8. Safeguarding

To ensure the Academy’s learning offer and the current network themes are relevant, forward-looking and properly scoped, it is necessary:
• to validate these themes are relevant and required in the humanitarian sector in terms of capacity gaps and need;
• to identify organisational capacity gaps within those themes, including challenges and barriers preventing humanitarian workers from accessing learning;

By measuring what important knowledge and skills are missing at an individual level and within the humanitarian sector, the Academy will be able to tailor its learning offer to meet needs at the organisational level and individual level.

More information is in the Request for Proposals document [PDF].

How to apply

Please submit a completed expression of interest to Ed Small at  by Wednesday 30 May 2018.


Duration of Contract: From June to July 2018 (4 weeks)

Budget: £25,000

Location: Global

Closing date:

30 May 2018

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