Request for proposals: Go-To-Market Strategy


The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (The Academy) is a global learning initiative set up to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.

The Academy (1) facilitates quality learning opportunities for the next generation of humanitarian leaders and responders, particularly those located in the most crisis-affected countries and communities; (2) spreads best practice and learning so that humanitarian aid is more effectively utilised and; (3) promotes excellence in the humanitarian sector. The Academy reaches out to stakeholders in two main ways: in-person through our Academy Centres (currently in East Africa, the Middle East and the Philippines, with Bangladesh and Indonesia in progress) and online through our learning platform – Kaya.

The Academy acts as both a charity, striving to make essential humanitarian skills and know-how accessible to all and as a social enterprise, where we can leverage our platforms, products and services to create additional value for organisations – we do this for payment and invest any surplus generated in our charitable activities.

Our Core Strategy Summary can be found here.


The Academy is in the process of developing the organisational solutions (a range of platforms, products and services to improve learning and development capacity) we think will be of most benefit to our two key audiences: organisations (such as INGOs, NGOs, government and the private sector) and learning providers. However, we do not yet have a strong understanding of this diverse audience, their interest in our offer, ability/willingness to pay, and how best to reach them.

We are seeking the support of a consultant to advise on a relevant go-to-market strategy – providing informed and expert advice on where there is need (globally and in geographies where we have an Academy Centre), how we can drive demand, and what value exchange can be obtained.

More information is in the Request for Proposals document [PDF].

How to apply

Please send proposals electronically to The same address should be used for any questions relating to this proposal.

Proposals should be received by Wednesday 6 June 2018, and must be emailed from a company e-mail address.


Duration of Contract:  8-10 weeks (deliverables are expected by the end of August 2018)

Location: UK based

Closing date:

6 June 2018

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