Request for proposals: Provider for HPass Advisory Services


HPass is an online platform offering a one-stop shop for humanitarian professional development. It responds to a need for a more consistent approach to professional development and skills recognition for humanitarians, who move frequently between organisations and locations, and need to be able to demonstrate their accumulated skills and experience in order to be quickly recruited and deployed. It is the product of a collaboration between a number of expert organisations in humanitarian learning, and wide consultation across the sector, and is being incubated by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

There are currently two key audiences for HPass:

-HPass offers humanitarians a space to showcase their skills and experience through digital badges. These enable humanitarians to formally and verifiably demonstrate their expertise in a range of technical areas. Humanitarians set up a profile on which to display badges earned from a variety of providers, which is publicly available and can be accessed by colleagues and potential recruiters.

-The site offers humanitarian learning and assessment providers the opportunity to create digital badges through a ‘Badge Factory’ facility, which they can then issue to their learners. The promotion of quality humanitarian learning is key to the site’s value proposition, and HPass also offers support to learning and assessment providers to meet sector-approved standards in order to drive up quality across the board. HPass is an essential resource for individual humanitarian staff and volunteers, recruiters, line managers and human resource (HR) professionals, and providers of humanitarian learning and assessment services.

A handful of HPass services have recently been piloted, with a view to improving the service before it is more widely launched. This includes the recently developed HPass Humanitarian Learning Standards, and Standards for Assessment of Humanitarian Competencies. HPass is seeking a provider to offer Support Services to organisations to enable them to use the Standards to drive improvements in their practice. This will include supporting organisations to complete a self assessment of the quality of their provision of learning and assessment services, identify areas for improvement, and implement an action plan. Some organisations may also require support to work towards an external quality review to enable them to achieve HPass Approved status.

In this context, HPass is seeking expressions of interest from organisations able to provide advisory and support services leading to improved delivery of humanitarian learning and assessment, using the standards.

Please see the Terms of References [PDF] and Annexes for more details:

How to apply

Expressions of interest should be sent to Esther Grieder at by 10th May 2019.

Closing date:

10 May 2019

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