Request for proposals: Coaching and Mentoring services

1. Overview of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Who we are

We are the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. We strengthen people’s skills and capabilities through learning, helping people in the humanitarian sector and beyond to prepare for and respond to crises.

We provide everything from recognised capacity-strengthening support to self-guided e-learning, in-person support in response to emergency situations, virtual reality and simulations (face to face and online).

The evidence we gather through research and data and our contextual expertise informs the work we do. And we have a full suite of skills in-house to continually improve our offer and provide holistic expertise to our partners.

But it’s not really about us. We help organisations in the humanitarian sector and beyond to amplify their reach, share their knowledge and build their networks.

Our combined impact -collectively developing people’s skills to respond to crises -is infinitely stronger through working together.


The humanitarian system must change to cope with frequent disasters and complex humanitarian settings fuelled & accelerated by climate change, mass migration and public health challenges like Covid-19 and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) has a key role to play to support in this. As a global learning initiative, the HLA’s purpose is to shift the power, of handling such crises to those most affected and best placed to respond.

Our vision is a world where everyone has the capabilities to handle crises, ultimately saving lives.

Our mission is to enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries, by providing quality learning opportunities

Values Statement

We believe positive change is realised when diverse actors practice deep accountability to affected populations and create ambitious solutions together.

Our strategic focus

The HLA exists to ensure that people everywhere preparing for, and responding to, humanitarian crises have access to the right learning at the right time, supporting individuals to develop new skills and organisations to become more effective, ultimately supporting the sector as a whole to adapt and become more locally led.

Our overall approach

The HLA is unique in its approach.  With collaboration being at the heart of what we do and which we see as our shared responsibility to trigger the change required to support localisation, our learning marketplace is a ‘one stop shop’ for learning in the sector.  Our diverse learning portfolio, our range of products and services, our in-house expertise, and relationships and engagement with a global constellation of subject matter experts enable us to offer direct support with scale and impact, as well as adapt and scale up locally grown initiatives.

Through the networks we have developed and the platforms & associated support & technical mechanisms in place, we act as a catalyst for others; we enable others in the sector to create and scale their own relevant, contextualised high-quality learning.

We do this through an agile approach, experimenting with new ways of working and new business models and, where required, challenging the status quo, to achieve an end state where we work for local organisations, communities, and actors to provide a platform for their own solutions.

As local as possible, as international as necessary:

To meet our 2030 ambition to ensure that all children survive, learn and are protected, and in line with the aspiration of the Grand Bargain, Save the Children recognises that local and national actors are essential in supporting children’s rights and humanitarian needs in all contexts.

Our role as Save the Children is complementary to and supportive of what local and national actors already do to ensure children’s rights. Consequently, Save the Children will reinforce and not replace existing national and local capacities, support national and local leadership, support linkages regionally and globally, and only respond directly when invited and/or when national and local actors need additional support, filling the gaps where they exist and mobilising technical expertise in support of other responders’ action as necessary.

We seek to continuously demonstrate our Partnership Principles and the sector endorsed Global Humanitarian Platform Principles of Partnerships no matter the context. These principles apply to all types of partnerships; transactional, transformational, and strategic, short term or long term. This means that we involve partners in our strategic planning processes and in all phases of the programme cycle’.

2. Scope of opportunity

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is seeking proposals from providers able to evidence the experience, skills, and capacity to develop and deliver high quality coaching and mentoring services to the humanitarian sector.

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is part of Save the Children UK and we intend to award a framework agreement with one of more providers of coaching and mentoring services.

The framework agreement will be awarded for a period of two years, with the option of up to two annual extensions thereafter.

3. Objectives

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) requires the services of a specialist coaching and mentoring (C&M) provider to:

  • Design and delivery of strategic and innovative coaching and mentoring programmes and shorter-term learning interventions for the period 2023-202
  • Design and delivery of coaching and mentoring resources for the humanitarian sector for the period 2023-2026.
  • Provide thought leadership on global C&M trends and how they could translate into the Humanitarian sector’s specific context
  • Collaborate with HLA in creating innovative C&M initiatives (resources, learning programmes, think spaces etc.)

4. How to apply

Please see the full Request for Proposals and the Terms of Reference – Coaching & Mentoring Services for full details of the service requirements and how to apply.

Bidders are requested to submit their responses to the Academy’s key contact in this process:

Richard Antons, Operations Lead, email:

Please submit your proposal along with your CV by no later than Monday 12th December @ 12:00 (noon) GMT. 

Closing date:

12 December 2022

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