Request for proposals: Website redesign for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy has just undergone a brand refresh and we need to revive our website, the structure of site pages and update the content with our products and services.   We also want to have the correct framework to add new products and services as we develop them.

1. Background

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) is a global learning organisation, whose mission is to enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. We currently provide learning to over 500,000 people worldwide.

The HLA offers multiple learning products and services for individuals and organisations, and also acts as a humanitarian capacity strengthening unit within Save the Children UK.

The HLA has gone through significant changes over the last 6 years: merger of two teams, creation of a trading arm ( HLA Enterprises) and creation of new products and services for our users and clients. The first HLA website was launched in 2017 and we feel there is a strong need to redesign and modernise it, reflecting the new brand whilst also providing concise information on what we do and the services we provide.

Currently, our website is hard to navigate because there is so much information there. It is difficult to find all the products and services we provide, and we would like to ensure there is a clear connection to our online learning platform, Kaya, and accreditation platform HPass, which there currently is not.

We also want to make sure we have clear user journeys for our different types of audiences. Additionally, there are some webpages which are outdated and provide information on services we no longer offer.

We are seeking proposals from agencies with experience in website redesign and are specifically interested in those with experience working with non-for-profits and/or social enterprises, with a global audience.

2. Our Audience

Our audience is global, with many living in areas of low connectivity therefore we would need the website redesign to reflect this, and not need a high bandwidth in order to load (e.g not including unoptimized images, unnecessary plug ins etc).

The website will need to have the right translation plugin to be available in 4 languages (English, French, Arabic and Spanish) and maybe more in the future (e.g. Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish).

We also need to have clear user journeys for our different types of audiences (B2B and B2C).

3. Objectives of the contract – Deliverables

1.    Discovery, sitemap and wireframes:

  • Audience assessment and pen portraits
  • Competitors research and SWOT analysis
  • Content assessment
  • Mapping different user journeys
  • Sitemap and wireframes

2.    Design and content development:

  • Design concept route development (+ set of content templates including basic page, blog, events, news grid, etc)
  • Content development/refinement, Copywriting support
  • Presentation and design refinement

3.    Site development and build:

  • Build
  • Content refinement and migration
  • Localisation (Arabic, Spanish, French)
  • CMS training and handover
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Support (specific number of days)

4. Essential Criteria

  • Experience in website redesign
  • Experience in accessibility requirements and creating websites for a global audience
  • Experience in setting up payment gateways/donations system
  • Experience working with non-for-profits and/or social enterprises
  • Understanding of the humanitarian sector
  • Understanding of the e-learning sector

5. How to apply

Download the full Terms of Reference [PDF]

Download the Request for Proposals form [Word]

Proposals must include:

  • A written response to the brief (proposed approach and methodology, workplan, timeline, profiles of key staff for the project, etc)
  • Total proposed budget, including fees and descriptions for each deliverable
  • Examples of relevant website redesign work and testimonials from clients

(see the RFP document for more information)

Bidders are requested to submit their responses to the Academy’s key contacts in this process:

Anne GARCON, Head of Communications and Marketing, Humanitarian Leadership Academy:

and Lucy MORLING, Digital Content and Community Advisor, Humanitarian Leadership Academy:

Please submit your proposal by no later than Monday, 20th June @ 12:00 (noon) GMT with the subject line ‘Proposal HLA Website Redesign’.

Closing date:

20 June 2022

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