Request for Proposals – Market Research

We are looking for organisations to conduct research on the market for humanitarian learning. This research is being piloted in Kenya and the Philippines, with a view to conducting it in up to 10-40 countries if it proves cost-effective. Bids may cover one or both countries. Proposals should be submitted by 12 o’clock (midnight London GMT) on Monday 12 December 2016.
The research will provide in-depth insights into the landscape and profiles of the Centre’s future customers and other stakeholders in order to understand:
• The demand from people to learn about humanitarian topics, including their profile, number, aspirations and willingness to pay;
• The demand from employers for their staff to learn about humanitarian topics and improve their professional skills;
• The suppliers of learning products and quality-assurance services, including their profile, products, business-models and financial health;
• The funders who provide grants and donations for the humanitarian sector, particularly the funding available for learning; and
• A literature review and summary of the humanitarian context, and existing capacity-building initiatives in the country.
We expect each section to require different competencies and we welcome multi-agency bids. For more information, click the links below:

Request for proposal for Kenya

Request for proposal for Philippines



Closing Date: 12 December 2016, by 12pm (Midday London GMT)

Closing date:

12 December 2016

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