Request for proposals: Data Platform Solution


The Academy is seeking a data platform solution to help consolidate user activity and inform our decision-making. We will be looking for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be implemented by Q1 2018 (April 2018) to allow the Academy to set the system up to meet our business needs during Q2 2018. The MVP should:

  • Capture, analyse and report data from multiple sources into a single repository
  • Provide a dashboard function with the ability to create and manipulate data for internal organisational use
  • Can create tools for gathering, analysing and visualising data for the Learning Impact Measurement System

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How to apply

The deadline for submission of proposals is 12pm, Thursday 2 November 2017. Questions should be sent to Jenny Huynh, Digital Project Manager, on


Duration of contract: approx. 6 months

Budget: £50,000 (indicative)

Closing date:

2 November 2017

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