The Academy recognises it can do much more to support organisations in their uptake and application of our learning offer, particularly with regard to digital learning / technology and the way it relates to their people strategy. It therefore seeks to develop an organisation development (OD) strategy that will frame its offer to humanitarian and learning organisations, and help strengthen local learning networks, and bring about transformational change in terms of humanitarian capacity and effectiveness. To this end we are looking for a consultant(s) to help scope and support the Academy’s development of a strategy to meet this objective.

The Academy

We are a new global start-up networked organisation whose mission is to enable people around the world to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. We work with organisations from the not-for-profit, public and private sector, technology industry and universities to help local communities across the world to become more resilient in the face of disaster.

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Closing date: 6th March 2017

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