Amman, Jordan – A “Humanitarian Learning Lexicon” workshop organised by the Collaboration Centre in Jordan, in cooperation with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation, opened on August 26th 2017. 

The Collaboration Centre was launched in July 2017 in Amman, Jordan where the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (the Academy) and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) signed a Collaboration Centre agreement enabling access to humanitarian learning.  The Centre is focused on training and developing the capacity of Arabic-speaking humanitarian workers in the Middle East region, in addition to increasing the quantity and quality of learning packages available through the Academy’s digital platform; Kaya.

The aim of the workshop is to create an Arabic version of the humanitarian learning lexicon that will promote consistency across the sector,  as well as support staff members at the Collaboration Centre, JHCO and the Academy respectively, in addition to humanitarian workers targeted by the Collaboration Centre.



Experts representing different sectors; linguists, translators, regional humanitarian workers, journalists, and online content developers actively participated during this workshop.  Ms. Felomain Nassar, regional programme officer for ACT alliance, stated that this workshop enabled both ends; humanitarian workers and linguists, to brainstorm and discuss important terminologies related to the learning and humanitarian sectors. This has resulted in best translations into Arabic which would be a source for many organisations across the region.



The Academy seeks to be as coherent in its learning and knowledge offerings mainly on Kaya, as they are from various sources and in different languages, one being Arabic.  Much of that content is in English in its original format.  This content is commissioned to different translators and proof readers.  The humanitarian learning lexicon will contribute to producing standardized coherent content in Arabic.

The digital aspect of the lexicon is extremely important as new terminologies keep evolving to the e-learning scene as new applications were developed only during the past 5 years.  Such terminologies can be confusing for the learner especially if the origin is not in Arabic and if not acquainted with the online space.

On his Excellency’s end, Secretary General of JHCO Mr. Ayman Al Mufleh stated:

“This workshop, the first activity conducted by the Collaboration Centre in Jordan, is very pivotal to the Arabic speaking humanitarian workers in the region.  We seek to update the lexicon as a living document on a yearly basis.”

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