From  30th October to  1st November a Gamification Workshop on Learning and Innovation for Risk Reduction and Disaster Management was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The 3-day workshop was organised by the Bangladesh Centre of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and delivered in partnership with the International Training Centre of the ILO. It was hosted by the Savar BRAC Centre.

The workshop brought together 24 participants from a variety of organisations, including governmental organisations, social enterprises, academia, NGOs, INGOs and foundations. It included sessions on innovation and learning, digital learning trends, the fundamentals of gamification, serious games and practical activities on game design. After experiencing a mobile simulation of a serious game, participants were encouraged to work on templates and on the web platform Gamoteca to create their own learning games.

Six game prototypes were produced by participants based on six different user personas: a civil servant, a volunteer, a UN Security Manager, a project coordinator and a policy maker and an environmentalist.


For example, ‘Saving the Mother’ is a game for professionals working in the environmental sector to effectively use social media for awareness raising. Another game created was ‘Chase Disaster’, which centred around cyclone prevention, as Bangladesh is a cyclone prone country and every year millions of people are affected by cyclones. These games are now accessible on the platform for further development by workshop participants.

After creating the games, participants pitched their games to other teams and evaluated them by launching them on the mobile app and playing each other’s games.

Participants also mentioned a number of concrete steps they would like to implement after the workshop, for example:

  • Transferring knowledge about gamification and serious games to internal staff;
  • Embedding gamification training in public-sector capacity building training in Bangladesh;
  • Using game elements to design upcoming examinations at Dhaka University and disseminate information about gamification through public information channels.

“Congratulations to the resource persons! They kept us busy during the three-day workshop. I learned a completely new thing: I never knew I was capable of developing a game!” – A participant

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