Mr. Abdullah Fouda, a RAF-Thani Foundation trainer in Doha, and Mr. Othman Al Thuwaini, General Manager of the CAMS training Institute in Kuwait, attended and co-hosted Kaya online learning sessions in Doha and Kuwait respectively during March and April 2017.

Participants at the Doha online training.

Through the collaboration agreements between the Academy and the humanitarian organisations in these countries due to its networked presence, the Academy was able to invite numerous organisations working in the aid and development sectors within the Middle East region and beyond to these sessions. As Kaya is continuously introducing content contextualised for each region, many courses are available in Arabic. The trainees accessed two courses: ‘Sphere for Managers’ and ‘Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS)’.  Being invited to a training where online access and computers are made available to the participants concluded this experience to be of added value for them.

Mr. Fouda introducing Sphere to the participants in the blended e-learning session in Doha.

In Doha, 23 participants representing 6 different humanitarian and charity organisations, in collaboration with RAF-Thani Training Institute, attended the Kaya online training.  The two-day event was in the form of online blended learning for the participants.  The courses introduced important concepts where subject matter experts familiarised the participants and complemented the core online trainings.


According to Mr. Fouda: “It is essential for all humanitarian workers to be acquainted with Sphere, and be Sphere ambassadors in their relevant organisations in order to fulfil one’s commitment towards quality and accountability in humanitarian action”.


Mr. Al Thuwaini presenting the Kaya platform and purpose of the trainings in Kuwait

In Kuwait, 40 participants representing 7 humanitarian and charity organisations, in collaboration with CAMS Training Institute, participated in the training over a two-day period. The learning occurred using the e-Learning courses provided on the Kaya platform.  On her part, Ms. Rima Soueidan, the learning and knowledge manager at the Middle East Academy Centre guided the trainees to register on Kaya and shared the rich variety of trainings and courses that Kaya can offer.

Ms. Nivin Yousri –  a Kuwait Red Crescent Society worker –  expressed that:

“The experience on Kaya brought me closer to new tools to take back to the workplace, where I will be using them myself and encouraging my colleagues to take these courses as well”.



The Middle East Academy Centre is currently conducting a learning needs assessment for the region whereby the results of this assessment shall guide many of the learning offerings on Kaya for the Middle East region in relation to the response to the needs of the current crises such as the Syria crisis.

“It is an exciting thing when learning is made available to you, tailored to your needs, in your language, and at your own pace! This is what I witnessed in the two trainings capitalizing on what Kaya can offer.  We can all be better prepared in the humanitarian sector with the tools available on Kaya” Ms. Soueidan concluded.

Participants on both ends left with rich knowledge, feeling better equipped to deliver quality, effective and accountable humanitarian response.

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