Until last January, Giulia David worked with CBM as the coordinator of the revision of the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards for older people and people with disabilities. In June 2017 she took part in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Gamification for Humanitarian Learning; and kindly agreed to tell us about her experience.

How did you hear about the learning platform Kaya?

A colleague of mine recommended the Massive Open Online Course on Gamification for Humanitarian Learning, which was held on Kaya between June and July 2017. That’s how I got to know this learning platform. I have been using it for almost one year.

Did you find the course useful?

I found the course very useful because it gave me an insight about how gamification could be applied in the humanitarian sector. It also allowed to gain knowledge and some practical skills on an innovative way to design and deliver training.

I also appreciated that the course coupled some theoretic knowledge with practical application, through the use of the Gamoteca Platform. The course was engaging and I particularly enjoyed the possibility to prototype our own game, get the feedback from the facilitators and exchange with the fellow learners.

Did the course have an impact on your career? 

The course has not yet had an impact on my career but I am quite confident that I can apply what I learnt in my future job. This will certainly add value to the work I will be doing, and to my profile.

Would you recommend Kaya to your friends and colleagues?

I would definitely recommend Kaya to friends and colleagues. It is a very rich platform, easy to use.

How do you think we could improve the platform?

I do not know if the platform is accessible for people with disabilities because I am not a digital accessibility expert, but I would recommend to make sure that the platform can be used by anyone, including people with disabilities. There are experts on this field who can do an accessibility audit and tell you what needs to be done if the platform is not fully accessible.

Giulia David
Communications Officer, European Territorial Cooperation Programme
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