Since 2016 the Academy and ITCILO have been putting efforts in investigating the potential of using game elements for increased engagement and effective training of humanitarian staff.

Why this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)?

Based on the successful implementation of two Gamification Labs in Kenya and the Philippines, this new course is conceived to be an innovative online laboratory geared at identifying and shaping concrete challenges which should then be addressed in a creative yet constructive way through game-based techniques.

The overall goal of the MOOC is to increase the awareness of non-profit and development professionals focusing on humanitarian themes such as disaster and risk management, disaster response and resilience, towards the use of gamification for capacity building.

In particular, the idea behind the MOOC is to dive into literature, explore interesting practices jointly with other professionals, compile new resources, learn from each other and co-create serious games for humanitarian professionals.

How you will learn

The MOOC is oriented at designing, developing and piloting a number of serious games towards disaster preparedness, response and resilience. As a humanitarian professional you will get access to a set of resources to get started with game design and prototype your own humanitarian learning game idea.

What you will learn

The MOOC intends to provide learners with the following learning opportunities:

  • Recognising gamification and serious games impact on engagement;
  • Identifying main game elements and techniques;
  • Analysing target audiences and building user personas;
  • Building knowledge around game design;
  • Ideating game concepts responding to real challenges;
  • Developing game concepts through a web-authoring tool;
  • Testing and prototyping serious games;
  • Evaluating the quality of a game.

Duration and Certificate

The MOOC is composed of four learning modules that will be covered in four weeks – from 5 June til 2 July 2017. The weekly workload is estimated to be about 3-4 learning hours per week. You will be entitled to receive a Certificate of Participation once you’ve completed the course.

How to sign up

If you haven’t created an account on Kaya yet, you will need to do that first. You can then join the MOOC by clicking here.


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