The Humanitarian Leadership Academy has just finalised a strategic partnership with Humentum, the newly established organisation joining InsideNGO, LINGOs and MANGO, whose vision is a more just and sustainable world supported by a thriving social sector.

Both organisations are committed to building capacity of local actors and professionalisation of the sector, localising knowledge and have an awareness of the importance on spotting, supporting and scaling indigenous knowledge.

We will focus our initial collaboration on expanding the scope and distribution of professional certifications for development and humanitarian professionals, such as FMD Pro (Financial Management for Humanitarian and Development Professionals). In addition, the Academy will be one of the contributing partners for Humentum’s inaugural Capacity4Humanity conference in Arusha, Tanzania in February 2018.

“Professional complementarities and strategic joint efforts are the only way for our sector to achieve more. We value this partnership and believe it will allow both organisations to deliver on their commitments to the sector and beyond” said Saba Almubaslat, Chief Executive Officer, Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

Humentum’s Global Director, Learning & Product Development, Chris Proulx said:

“The sector will benefit from our shared commitment to making global standards, certifications, and content accessible and relevant in a local context. Humentum sees the Academy and its regional centres as key partners in our goal to build strong local capacity building markets.”

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