International aid agency World Vision and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy have announced a partnership which will see the organisations collaborate to further help people prepare and respond to disasters.

A Collaboration Agreement has been signed by both organisations outlining partnership activities, including advice, cooperation and coordination, and sharing existing content and knowledge. The partnership will also co-create new learning opportunities for humanitarians.

Cooperation will occur at both global and local levels, with support between World Vision’s National Offices and Humanitarian Leadership Academy Centres. World Vision will also provide input and advice as required through the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s Learning Advisory Board.

Additionally, the partnership will see both organisations collaborate on upcoming projects to improve quality learning opportunities including wellness and resilience, innovation and coaching and mentoring. The Academy’s learning platform – Kaya – will be the main way that people will access humanitarian learning.

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy and World Vision will also share knowledge and contact around a globally recognised system that recognises and certifies the development, skills, learning and training of aid workers.

World Vision Partnership Leader for Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Dan Kelly said the partnership would enable World Vision to further respond to children and families in need following a disaster.

“The Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s mission is to help people around the world to prepare and respond to crises more effectively. From World Vision’s perspective, the ability to prepare and respond through increasing local capacity is critical when it comes to disaster management,” Mr Kelly said.

“This partnership with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy provides an invaluable opportunity for both organisations to not only improve access to quality learning around disaster response and management, but through cooperation and knowledge-sharing, improve our ability to help communities in disaster preparation and response.”

Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s CEO Saba Al Mubaslat echoed Mr Kelly’s sentiments, adding that the partnership was an important step in global disaster and crises management.

“The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is very pleased to enter into this partnership with World Vision and to further help people across the world prepare and respond to crises,” she said.

“Collaboration is integral to the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s work in helping those respond to disasters and crises in an efficient and effective way.

“Being able to partner with a reputable international aid organisation such as World Vision and to share and draw on each other’s knowledge, expertise, reach and resources will be vital to continuing the work of both organisations,” Ms Al Mubaslat added.

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Author: Vishnee Sauntoo
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