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Our Leadership Team


I have worked in international development and humanitarian contexts for nearly 20 years, initially working in emergency response and then in capacity strengthening. My expertise is predominantly in leadership, partnerships, coaching and organisational change.

As one of three Deputy Directors in the HLA, my core role is responsible for the direction setting of the teams under programmes and learning and identifying opportunities to be agile and responsive to our rapidly changing humantiarian ecosystem. The programmes and learning team consists of the HLA’s regional centres and a globally distributed team of learning specialists, digital learning specialists & leads responsible for agile project delivery. 

One thing to know

As a keen scuba diver, I am always looking for new destinations to explore the underwater world and introducing my two young daughters to diving when they are old enough.

My favourite learning resource

Coaching is one of my passions and the interagency coaching and mentoring website that we developed is one of my go-to resources on coaching and mentoring content.

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