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Our Leadership Team


 I have nearly 20 years’ experience working in education and professional development, mainly in humanitarian contexts. Before moving into the world of education in emergencies (EiE) I spent time teaching children and adults overseas, including with VSO in Ethiopia. I then worked as an EiE programme manager, advisor and cluster coordinator in many different humanitarian responses including Liberia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, northern Syria and Myanmar. After a period as head office-based EiE technical advisor I took the lead in developing and implementing the EiE Professional Development Programme and continue to oversee this programme in my current role, along with the technical sectors of Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE), Public Health in Emergencies (PHiE) and other cross-cutting areas. I have an MSc in Development Management (with a focus on education and conflict), am a TPMA certified trainer and speak basic French and Spanish to a high level.

One thing to know

At one time I was practically the only Arlo in town. These days I have to share with thousands of toddlers, dogs, musicians and a motorway restaurant chain!

My favourite learning resource

My favourite Kaya learning resource is Conflict Sensitive EiE as it was a great collaborative effort and involved some creative thinking in developing the summative interactive scenario activity. Check it out! 

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