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Due to its geography, high population density and high levels of poverty, Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. The country is regularly impacted natural hazards such as floods, tropical cyclones and storm surges, tornados, river bank erosions, salinity intrusion, landslides, droughts, tidal surges, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Climate change, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in the country have increased the diversity, frequency and intensity of these disasters. Millions of poor people living in marginalised and high-risk areas are impacted and migrate to unplanned urban areas which are also vulnerable to earthquakes, fires and other urban and industrial disasters.

Over the last few decades, Bangladesh has become a model country for humanitarian response and disaster risk management. From grassroots communities up to the national level leadership, people have increased capacity in this sector and the country’s overall disaster management and preparedness has been improved. However, there is still a gap in initialisation and sustainability of these capacities.

The Bangladesh Team identifies the learning needs and focuses on sustainability, leading to a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. The Academy’s innovations such as the use of new technologies help mitigate and reduce the new and diversified risks these communities face on a daily basis. As part of the Academy’s vision, the many Disaster Risk Management (DRM) models and best practices that have been proven successful and efficient in Bangladesh will be shared regionally and globally so other countries can learn too.


“The Bangladesh Team will be reaching out to partners across Bangladesh and other South Asian countries with a view to contribute to a wider area of knowledge management through identifying better learning solutions and strengthening the capacity of local communities to be better prepared for disasters.

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