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East Africa is a very diverse region, home to over 170 million people, out of which at least twenty million live in extreme and chronic poverty. When a crisis happens, these are the people who are most affected. By having a presence in the region and focusing on skills for effective and efficient humanitarian response, we aim to enable people to be better prepared when disasters strike.


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Learning With Kaya: Meet Samuel

Learning with Kaya: Meet Samuel

Samuel works as a Monitoring and Evaluation Intern at USAID. As someone still in the early stages of his career, a course on Kaya gave him greater knowledge in M&E. He chose to work in the humanitarian sector as he wants to make a difference in the quality of life for his fellow Ugandans.
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Learning With Kaya: Lydia’s Story

Learning with Kaya: Lydia’s story

Lydia lives in Kenya, she is looking to develop a career within the humanitarian sector and has already completed 5 courses on Kaya!
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Learning At The International Committee Of The Red Cross: Challenges & Opportunities

Learning at the International Committee of the Red Cross: Challenges & Opportunities

Maja Kuna-Parrish is a Techno-Pedagogical Engineer at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She is in charge of developing learning materials for a diverse and international workforce of over 18,000 people.
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