We have a new online course available on our learning platform Kaya: Sphere for Managers – How to champion the Sphere approach in your organisation(also available in ArabicFrenchSpanish)

This e-learning module provides a snapshot of the benefits and application of the Sphere Handbook and how to integrate Sphere into your organisation.

By working through real-life experiences in various contexts, this one-hour module highlights some of the key features of the Sphere Handbook. By the end of the module, you will be able to explain:

1. The Sphere approach.
2. The usefulness of the Sphere Handbook to prepare, manage and coordinate humanitarian relief efforts.
3. The benefit of using the Sphere Handbook to fulfil your commitment towards quality and accountability.
4. The first steps to disseminating Sphere within your organisation.

This e-learning module is aimed at senior managers involved in humanitarian action and working for organisations of all sizes, both national and international and including governmental agencies. It will also be beneficial to anyone interested in getting a quick overview and refresher on Sphere.

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