Michael Wilson

Technical Support Officer

Previous experience:

I studied Zoology at Reading University and attained a Masters in Zoo Conservation Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University, I have worked in informal education, predominantly in Zoos. Following this I became the Education officer at Birdworld, Farnham, where I was responsible for outdoor bird shows including training parrots.

I got a job on the Animal Management Department of Sparsholt College as a lecturer where I used Moodle to digitise and streamline the synoptic assessment, this amongst other things resulted in me being employed into the Digital Education Department. In this role I used Moodle to set up the DMZAA fully virtual course which I administered, and I also assisted in the Training and implementation of Teams amongst other softwares through the COVID 19 lockdowns.

One thing to know:

My personal interests are rather eclectic depending on the mood I am in however can include anything from: history and philosophy, music (particularly French music, but I also play the guitar and bass and attempting to learn violin).

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