Saba Almubaslat

Chief Executive Officer

Previous experience:

Throughout my 15 years working within humanitarian response, I have worked in some of the most challenging countries and territories in the world, including Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya and Azerbaijan.

My time working in the Palestinian Refugee Camps and in South Lebanon during the war in 2006 was formative for me as a humanitarian as I worked with my colleagues to deliver supplies and support for children and families affected by the conflicts in the region. I was exposed to the challenges that young people in conflict face in terms of both their development and identity.

Prior to joining the Academy team, I was leading Save the Children Country Office in Jordan and responsible for the Syria Crisis Response there. Responding to a number of crises in the Middle East, my goal was always to ensure that the voices of children are well heard and that positive change and diverse constructive alternatives are offered to hosting communities and individuals affected by crisis, so they can live a better today and have the right to a brighter future.

My key role at the Academy is to promote localisation; ensuring that we are working with local actors to create relevant humanitarian learning that will enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own communities. One of my key priorities since joining the Academy is to ensure that the we remember the human that we are working for.

One thing to know:

“I hunt everywhere for a life worth living and a knowledge worth knowing. Having roots nowhere, I have everywhere to go”
Shams al-Din Tabriz

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