Adriana is from Romania and she has recently graduated with a MSc in Development and International Relations. Adriana found out about Kaya through one of our LinkedIn posts and has completed the ‘Introduction to International Humanitarian Law’ course. She is currently unemployed but she is looking for a job in the humanitarian sector. As lockdown has given Adriana more free time to focus on her development, she says Kaya has been of great help!

Hello Adriana! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am originally from Romania, currently based in Denmark. I recently graduated from Aalborg University with a MSc in Development and International Relations, and I would like to get a job in the humanitarian sector.

How did you hear about the e-learning platform Kaya, and how long have you been using it?

I heard about Kaya on LinkedIn: while going through my feed I found a post shared by someone in my network.  I took many courses on Kaya, but the one I enjoyed most was ‘Introduction to International Humanitarian Law’. As my educational background suggests, I am interested in international matters, though during my education I was more focused on international development. I chose this course because I was curious to see if there is anything new I could learn or if there is a way to help my knowledge gaps.

What did you most enjoy during the course? What could have been improved?

I liked the course as it was very detailed, and the text was very easy to read and go through. The information was very concise, and it involved a lot of self-study. I also liked the quizzes in every section, that made me pay close attention to all the details.

Everyone has a different understanding of the word “humanitarian”. What does being a humanitarian mean to you?

When I think of the term ‘humanitarian’, I think about being compassionate, and willing to help people reach a better quality of life. Not everyone can be involved with such actions or have this adjective to be described of, as this is a very altruistic job.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way you work and/or learn?

The lockdown I found myself in, as a result of the pandemic, gave me the time for things I normally don’t have much time for anymore, such as training to broaden my knowledge. After graduating I found myself busy with internships, volunteering, learning a new language and the process of actually, looking for a job. After having more free time with my computer, Kaya was of great help.

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