Joana Villaflor, 34, is an Independent Consultant. She has worked in the development and humanitarian sector for eight years now, managing and delivering trainings and disaster risk reduction projects. Her recent consultancies are with Christian Aid, Humanitarian Leadership Academy Philippines, and Development Academy of the Philippines on surge and Core Humanitarian Standards for NGOs and LGUs.

Joana has been using the Academy’s learning platform Kaya for the past two years and wants to share her experience.

“Kaya helped me prepare as a participant of the SURGE training in 2016. It was there where I took the Humanitarian Sector course, the Introduction to Core Humanitarian Standard, and the course on Training, Design and Facilitation. I was happy to know that such a platform exists and was impressed with the vast courses it hosts for the humanitarian sector.

As a learner, I like that Kaya’s curated courses offer extensive introductory and in-depth learning options for various topics in a manner that is insightful, interactive, and respectful of a learner’s pace. The availability of contextualized/localized versions of global courses as well as courses for specific countries make the platform’s menu of courses comprehensive and inclusive.

As a trainer, Kaya is an essential part of the trainings that I develop and deliver. Kaya allows us to have an option for pre-work and advance learning for our participants. This reduces face-to-face training time and prepares our trainees for the actual face-to-face sessions. The platform also serves as a significant venue for further learning post-training. Its wide-ranging courses address whatever topic or issue a trainee may have taken interest in, after our trainings.

Kaya was and continues to be an important factor in the work I do as a module developer and a surge and CHS trainer. Through Kaya, I was introduced to topics that I work on now and I also familiarized myself on learning design and training management.”

Joana facilitating the customized privilege walk exercise during the Humanitarian Governance Training for Local Decision Makers by the Development Academy of the Philippines, supported by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy Philippines. 

Kaya course recommendations:


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