The support for Ecoweb of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy is continuing, this time, led by the Philippines Centre.

Ecoweb has applied Survivor and Community Led Response (SCLR) with support from the Academy in areas affected by typhoons and earthquakes in Agusan early this year. They have taken the learnings and experience from there and applied the same approach to the survivors of the Marawi crisis.

The Philippines Academy Centre team recently visited Ecoweb in Iligan. Martial Law has been declared in that part of the country as the fighting continues with the Maute group that is backed-up by ISIS.

The leaders at Ma. Cristina evacuation center in Iligan talking with the team.

Ecoweb brought the team to meet the survivors they have organised in three evacuation sites: an evacuation centre recognised by the government and frequented by humanitarian support, an evacuation centre that is not “recognised” with no water, lesser support from government but still operating nonetheless, and a village that had a lot of “home-based” internally displaced people (IDP) from Marawi.


“With the SCLR approach, the teams did not feel so helpless or so much like victims,” Renefe Mosot-Padilla, Ecoweb’s SCLR Coordinator for Marawi expressed. “They felt that they can do something and can plan for themselves; that they have a say in what is given to them because there is consultation.”

“The home-based families housing the IDPs need support now,” said Ecoweb’s Executive Director Nanette Antequisa. “It’s been two months since survivors have been displaced. The relatives carry the burden of feeding other relatives. Where will they get enough food for four or five more families in their homes?”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Ecoweb and the Philippines Academy Centre in July 2017 to continue using the Survivor and Community Led Response approach in areas affected by natural and man-made disasters.

The Philippines Centre and the Ecoweb team sealing the partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding.

Maeanne Llanza
Marketing and Communications Specialist
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