In the world of 2030, the humanitarian sector will be a tangled web of distributed networks, newly powerful nations, altruistic individuals and opportunistic profiteers. They will continuously shape and reshape, forming quickly around an issue and dissolving as quickly as they appeared.

In this report, we look forward to the future of humanitarian skills in 2030, to help humanitarian workers prepare for the decade ahead. The world of the next decade will be faced with crises at never-before-seen scale and magnitude. Old forms of crises like famine and armed conflict will take on new shapes as technology and society advance, and emerging forms of crises like “computational crises” will become part of everyday life. Humanitarian workers will need new skills to face this future, to reduce human suffering with all the advantages of cutting edge organizing methods and technologies. No one can predict the future, but we can prepare for it.

By using the methods of strategic foresight, this report forecasts the future and brings it to life through analysis, scenarios, and archetypes. Anyone working in the humanitarian sector, or anyone aligned with its purpose, can use this report to better inform what skills to start learning today, to create the future that we wish to see, and prepare for the unforeseeable disruptions ahead.

Authors:  Jeremy Kirshbaum and Atish Gonsalves
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