In observance of National Disaster Resilience Month in the Philippines, we are happy to announce that ‘The Nation Needs You – Philippine Volunteer Essentials’ first online course is now live.

With several disasters affecting the Philippines each year, volunteers are the buffer that fulfills the need of organizations, especially local ones, for support and personnel.

The 30-minute course presents the connection between the country’s disaster risk profile, the constant call for volunteers during emergency response operations, and the cultural and social factors that influence volunteerism.

This is the first course under the Philippine Volunteer Essentials (PVE) pathway. Other courses under the PVE will be launched soon. These will discuss the current humanitarian system and standards, volunteer safety, security, and wellness.

The PVE is for Filipino volunteers–students, youth, professionals, retirees, residents–who wish to help out in times of disasters. For organizations, the courses will help ensure that the volunteers they are recruiting are ready, able and well-equipped for their tasks.

On completion of this course learners will:

  • have a good understanding of basic disaster risk reduction concepts and the Philippine disaster risk profile and its connection to the need for volunteers
  • have an appreciation of the role of volunteers in delivering aid to affected communities
  • have knowledge on the benefits of volunteering
  • have knowledge on how to encourage others to take part in volunteer work
Maeanne Llanza
Marketing and Communications Specialist
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