We’re incredibly proud to announce that our online learning game ‘In 90 Days’ won a bronze award for ‘Best Learning Game’ at the Learning Technology Awards 2021!

Created in partnership with World Vision and PRELOADED, the game is designed to help you learn how to respond effectively to the many challenges faced during the first three months of a humanitarian emergency response.

The game has 3 scenarios: a conflict zone, a pandemic and a population movement caused by climate change. Each scenario will present different challenges, and you will have to explore the various trade-offs humanitarian field managers must make while responding to an emergency. Each time you play can be unique, as each choice within a scenario can give a different outcome, which provides you with countless challenges!

The game has been designed with a group of experts ranging from senior humanitarians, learning and development experts, and learning game design professionals to ensure the content includes real-life examples and provides practical learning outcomes. The learning outcomes and behaviours are based on the Core Humanitarian Standard and the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework.

You can gain digital badges on appropriateness, timeliness and relevance of the response; building on local capacity and integrating community feedback; coordination; organisational learning and development; treating staff fairly and equitably; and managing resources responsibly.

These badges can be displayed on your HPass and LinkedIn profiles to showcase your learning. The game is currently available in English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

Download the game for free:
➡️ Android version
➡️ iOS version

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