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Immersive learning in the humanitarian sector

“The technology that tends to get used by humans over a period of time tend to be the ones that actually help them to do something, rather than not just a fad or something that is fun. I think it’s incredibly important.”
– James Maltby

Drawing from a depth of knowledge and varied expertise, James Maltby and Austen Shand share insights on immersive learning in the humanitarian sector through the lens of recent global interest and engagement with artificial intelligence.

James and Austen take us on journeys through technology before the metaverse, and how capacity strengthening needs and solutions have evolved over time.

Their perceptive journeys culminate in the acknowledgement that AI presents an opportunity as “tools in the toolbelt” that can help “prep the canvas” for capacity strengthening work in the humanitarian sector.

You will find when you listen to this interesting podcast that directly or indirectly, humanitarians across the sector are already engaging with these tools and immersing in the metaverse. What does that look like now and how would it look in the next 10 years?

Listen to the full podcast episode now available on Spotify and Buzzsprout.

About the podcast speakers

James Maltby (He/Him) is the Head of the Digital Learning team at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy who design and develop online learning materials to support all HLA’s  capacity strengthening programmes.

James’ work in embedding blended and immersive learning technology into technical teaching was nationally recognised in 2019. Having served as a special educational needs teacher supporting children with autism, communication and interaction difficulties, James is passionate about the way technology can enable more accessible, inclusive and diverse learning opportunities for everyone.

Austen Shand (He/Him) is a Digital Learning Specialist at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. He is an artist, developer and designer with expertise in instructional design, eLearning development tools including interactive simulations, gamified courses, and mobile-responsive designs, and multimedia production.

Austen is passionate about creating innovative and effective eLearning solutions that make a difference and high quality, engaging and effective eLearning experiences that empower learners to achieve their goals.

Nwabundo Okoh (She/Her) is the Communications and Marketing Specialist at the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. She joined the HLA in 2022 and holds a background in communications and marketing for international development.

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