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Launch of the Humanitarian Xchange

We are proud to launch the Humanitarian Xchange 2024, a new hybrid event that brings together the worldwide ecosystem of non-profit, business, and academia.

Taking place on February 20, 2024, the Humanitarian Xchange involves the right people to move the conversation forward and take action to address global humanitarian challenges.

Call for agenda contributions

The Humanitarian Xchange will be filled with stories of real-world impact. It brings new faces, intergenerational conversations, unexpected partnerships, and long-term engagement between traditional and new humanitarians to create action. 

The event’s objective is to address the systemic changes that are required to transform the root causes of human suffering. This requires a different approach with more radical thinking. Our highly interactive programme will address this and more. 

Whatever your level of experience, we want to hear stories or ideas you have that challenge accepted thinking and generate action. These can be from inside and outside the humanitarian community, but they should create fresh perspectives and provoke questions, opinions, and discussion. 

We want people’s submissions to help shape the agenda as we know the best solutions are always defined collaboratively by those with first-hand experience of the challenges. To help guide your contribution, we have suggested a series of key themes. 

Key themes

Exploring the Challenges: How can we better understand the scale and nature of the challenges already confronting us? For instance, climate change, polycrisis and the retreat of internationalism.

Leadership: What kind of leadership is needed in times of extreme uncertainty and complex interdependence between different organisations?

Collaboration and Partnerships: Have you facilitated unexpected and new collaborations that share expertise and resources to develop better response capability and capacity?

Technology and Data: Are you using technology and/or data as an enabler of contextually relevant solutions. To predict potential crises, improve responses or to measure the effectiveness of humanitarian efforts?

Finance: Are you using new ways to finance humanitarian work? For instance, impact investing, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms, microfinance, social lending and results based finance.



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