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Learning with Kaya: meet Neves

Please share a little about yourself and work

My name is Neves and I’m from Mozambique. I’m currently serving as a PSEA (Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) Leader and Child Protection Officer at ALPS Resilience.

ALPS Resilience is a community-based non-profit organisation committed to building resilient, vibrant, and self-sustaining communities in fragile, post-conflict and at-risk environments.

In my role I am responsible for child rights monitoring, supporting and training community enumerators and facilitators, holding talks and disseminating information on protection against sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as other areas of responsibility in the field of child protection.

How did you first hear about Kaya and how long have you been using it?

I discovered the Humanitarian Leadership Academy on LinkedIn some time ago, but it was only last year in 2022 that I registered on the platform.

Since then, my learning journey with the HLA has been profoundly impactful, especially given the critical nature of my field of work in emergency situations.

Through the courses offered by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, I have been able to acquire essential knowledge for my work.

One of these courses was Child Protection in Emergencies offered in partnership with Save the Children. I completed this course in December, but its lessons continue to be invaluable as I work to ensure the protection and well-being of children under my responsibility in the organisation.

Which is your favourite course on Kaya and why?

This year, I managed to fully dedicate myself to the course Child Protection Minimum Standards, completing it this month, a journey that significantly enhanced my knowledge of the principles and requirements for child protection in crisis contexts, as outlined in the CPMS manual.

The course has provided me with valuable knowledge and profound insights into advocating for children’s rights in conflict situations and in a general sense. I highly recommend it.

What motivates you to keep learning with Kaya?

I am a professional committed to continuous learning and the protection of vulnerable people, especially children, living in the context of armed conflict in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

Even without English as my native or fluent language, I turned this into a personal challenge for my learning, and today I can proudly count two valuable qualifications in my field of expertise.

Furthermore, I have a course scheduled for the future: Child Rights and Why They Matter. I am confident that I will continue to acquire more valuable knowledge through the magnificent platform of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

With this, I want to emphasise the importance of everyone seeking guidance in international principles to ensure the protection of children.

As I often say, every dreamer one day realises their dreams, and for me, having the opportunity to take courses through the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s platform Kaya is a dream come true!

I deeply thank you for providing me with these learning opportunities and for your ongoing commitment to the protection of children and the most vulnerable people.

We work with people and not just any people, but people who suffer or have suffered great loss, almost in all contexts. Knowledge must be the key to good practical work for people, so I advise us to be more proactive in seeking knowledge in humanitarian contexts – constant learning and updating of our knowledge enables us to better serve people.
Neves from Mozambique


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