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Successful education in emergencies training in Sana’a, Yemen

The HLA is reflecting on the successful delivery of its second education in emergencies (EiE) training programme in Yemen this year, thanks to its strong partnership with the Yemen Education Cluster.

In August, colleagues from the HLA’s Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe (MENAEE) Regional Centre based in Jordan worked closely with the Yemen Education Cluster to successfully deliver a five-day face-to-face Education in Emergencies (EiE) Fundamentals programme in the city of Sana’a.

This achievement builds on the strong foundations laid by the HLA’s EiE Fundamentals training in Aden, Yemen earlier in the same month.

Collaboration with Yemen Education Cluster

The Yemen Education Cluster works towards a well-coordinated and timely response to meet the need of crisis affected children and youth. 

The EiE Fundamentals training in Sana’a was made possible thanks to the HLA’s continued fruitful collaboration with the Education Cluster who successfully engaged the Ministry of Education and secured their support and involvement in the training from the early stages of preparation.

Participant Diversity

36 participants benefited from the training, including 15 women: 21 of the participants were personnel from the Ministry of Education Sana’a and governorate Education Office who are specialised in EIE response, while 15 participants represented national NGO partners.

Impactful Education in Emergencies Training

Education in emergencies (EiE) focuses on ensuring access to safe, quality education during emergencies and crises.

Over the five days of training, the expert EiE training team guided the through course content which included crucial areas such as ensuring access to education and maintaining a learning environment during emergencies; adapting curricula and educational materials for crisis contexts; psychosocial support; and teacher training and support.

These fundamental objectives and topics aim to guarantee that education remains a priority during crises, enabling children and communities to recover, rebuild, and prosper despite challenging circumstances.

Over five days, the expert EiE training team guided 36 participants through initiating, designing and implementing a quality EiE response.

Rafka Daoud, Regional EiE Manager for the HLA said:
“Training in education in emergencies (EiE) is vital in Sana’a to help address the urgent need for education access, the impact on children and youth, psychosocial wellbeing, child protection, and inclusive education – which are all critical to rebuilding a stable future.

EiE empowers communities and equips educators to navigate the challenges posed by the crisis, enabling the continuation of learning and ensuring a better future for the youth in Yemen.”

Dr Mahdi Alsebaeai, Yemen Education Cluster Coordinator, agreed on the positive impacts of the training, with partners and participants expressing their continued commitment to this work as well as their interest in receiving further EiE updates and training, particularly at advanced levels.

Additionally, Dr Alsebaeai observed how representatives from national NGOs demonstrated their strengthening understanding and improved knowledge in EIE response which will in turn support them in Yemen Humanitarian Education Fund interventions.

This training initiative highlights the importance of education in emergencies and the collaborative efforts of local and regional actors to address the educational needs of crisis-affected children and youth in Yemen.

The HLA MENAEE Regional Centre extends its congratulations to all participants and thanks to the Yemen Education Cluster and Save the Children International.

The team is currently preparing for the new cycle of its regional Education in Emergencies Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Programme – a sector-facing programme accredited by the University of Geneva – which will welcome a new cohort this November.


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