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West and Central Africa

The region faces some of the world's most complex challenges in a context where acute and prolonged crises is increasing and access to support deteriorating.


Children in West and Central Africa represent 11% of the world child population but 1/3 of global under-five deaths, 1/3 of out-of-school children, and 1/5 of stunted children in the world. The confluence of conflict and violence, deep poverty, demographic pressures, weak governance, chronically high food insecurity, and malnutrition, and the impact of climate change is driving millions to the fringes of survival while humanitarian access is shrinking.

In conflict-affected regions, civilians are facing a protection crisis with compounded impact on the most vulnerable people. The number of people projected to require assistance and protection this year is expected to increase drastically as the drivers of crises remain poorly addressed and further exacerbated by global external shocks (source, CAFU, WCA)

Our activities in the region

Our West and Central Africa Regional Centre provides trainings that are contextualised to the crises affecting specific countries. Trainings include:

This is the beginning of a new career for me. The program helps me look forward and move forward. Until now I was working in development context, now I know I can work in emergencies.”
Rita, Project Manager, Save the Children Burkina Faso (Child Protection in Emergencies)

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