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We are the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. We strengthen people’s skills and capabilities through learning.


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We provide everything from recognised capacity-strengthening support to self-guided e-learning, in-person support in response to emergency situations, virtual reality and simulations.

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Learning with Kaya: Meet Josué

Josué is from Togo and works as a Healthcare Provider on a Covid-19 response project for vulnerable populations and street dwellers. Read his story

Learning with Kaya: Meet Nomnotho

Nomnotho is from South Africa and works as a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) coordinator for SaveAct, an NGO that helps rural women form saving groups so they can escape poverty. Read her story

Learner spotlight: Meet Salvador

Salvador is a lawyer specializing in Social Development. Read his story here

Learning with Kaya: Meet Sara

Sara currently works as a Mental Health Coordinator and Supervisor in a local NGO in Lebanon. Read her story here

Learner spotlight: meet Suleiman

Read Suleiman’s story here

Learner spotlight: Meet Yacouba

Read Yacouba’s story here

Learner spotlight: Meet Morris

Meet Morris Wenareeba, a Certified Humanitarian Professional from Uganda. Read his story

Learner spotlight: Meet Constance

learners onelove

Providing humanitarian learning to Palestinian refugees in Jordan

‘One Love’ is an organisation that has been using Kaya’s online courses to educate and connect humanitarian volunteers in Jerash Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. Read their story

Delivering higher education in an emergency

Over the past year, the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) have undergone unprecedented turmoil. For many students this also meant putting their ambitions and future plans on hold. Find out more

Ukraine Emergency Response

We are currently responding to the crisis – Find out more

Türkiye – Syria Earthquake Response

We are currently responding to the crisis – Find out more

Our Products and Services

For organisations involved in humanitarian preparedness and response, or located in crisis-affected countries, investing in the learning and development of staff and volunteers has become an urgent necessity. We have developed a wide range of products and services to help such organisations.

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Supporting humanitarian responses

Through our reactive capacity strengthening offer we share our expertise, supporting humanitarians during emergencies, when they are at full stretch. We help ensure effectiveness at every stage for affected populations, from start-up phases which need rapid action, to longer term capacity strengthening.

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