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Our Products and Services

Whether you want to give your staff better access to quality learning opportunities or simply make your own e-learning content more widely available, we have something to suit your organisation's specific needs.

Getting your staff prepared

As the frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises continue to rise, there is increasing demand for a highly skilled workforce capable of preparing for and responding more effectively and efficiently to disasters. For organisations involved in humanitarian preparedness and response, or located in crisis-affected countries, investing in the learning and development of staff and volunteers has become an urgent necessity. We have developed a wide range of platforms, products and services to help such organisations.

Kaya for organisations

In addition to the free content that we offer to individuals, we can also support your organisation to curate, create and share high quality learning opportunities that meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

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HPass for organisations

We host HPass, a separate platform essential for humanitarian staff, volunteers and recruiters, and providers of humanitarian learning and assessment services.

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Consultancy services

As a team of experienced humanitarian and learning specialists based in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, we can help support the learning and development of your staff.

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We chose Kaya for several reasons: the courses are created by humanitarian organisations who know the realities faced in the field, resources are easy to access and available in different languages – vital when considering the diverse backgrounds of our staff. Whether it’s COVID-19 or Safeguarding, our teams now have these resources at their fingertips.
Alice Laughter, CEO, Committed To Good

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