We are currently supporting humanitarian responses in multiple locations - Find out more

Supporting Humanitarian Responses

Through our reactive capacity strengthening offer we share our expertise, supporting humanitarians during emergencies, when they are at full stretch. We help ensure effectiveness at every stage for affected populations, from start-up phases which need rapid action, to longer term capacity strengthening.

Current Emergency Responses

  • Ongoing emergency responses

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Ukraine Emergency Response

We are currently responding to the crisis – Find out more

Türkiye – Syria Earthquake Response

We are currently responding to the crisis – Find out more

Being ready: guidance for first responders

We play a pivotal role in strengthening national and local response capacity in both operational and technical areas alongside support on soft skills. We first identify needs, then create and curate a range of high-quality, accessible and relevant learning opportunities to suit the needs of individuals, strengthen the capacity of organisations and amplify the reach and quality of learning during a response. 

Being prepared: our experienced staff are based in regions to offer ongoing support 

Our methods are effective because our Regional Centres are anchored in strong partnerships and are positioned within the Save the Children Regional Offices to increase participation and influence of local, national and regional partners.

Being consistent: standardised ways of working ensure responses are not disrupted 

To sustain a high quality of response over months, tools and methods must be up to date, effective and consistent. We share tools which can be adapted quickly. 

Ukraine emergency response

Find out more

Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Response

Find out more

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