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Our Leadership Team


My work is focused on whole systems consulting and leadership development as well as organisational capacity building. As regional lead, I deliver the HLA centre’s mandate of supporting capacity building and capacity strengthening of local actors related to the Ukraine response, involving systemic change, digital content delivery, face-to-face training, remote training delivery, content production and coaching and mentoring. I worked across government and international development in Poland as a certified coach, trainer, and group dynamics consultant. My scientific background is in cultural studies. I grew up and lived in Germany and Poland.

One thing to know

I like being in nature, above all I enjoy being in my happy place, which are the Masuria Lakelands, especially in the very early morning hours, when the fog still covers the lake.

My favourite learning resource

My favorite learning is process oriented and based on experience, mostly in group settings, where people have to deal with all sorts of group dynamics happening at the same time, alongside tasks and deliverables. That’s where the most significant learning happens. All sorts of simulations and anticipatory work, as well as trainings aimed at increasing resilience and dealing with uncertainty are also massively important with long lasting effects.

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