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Years of conflict continue to cause crippling humanitarian consequences in the Middle East region. Vulnerable people’s ability to cope and meet their basic needs is hampered by the effects of COVID-19, macroeconomic decline and the climate crisis. Over 55 million people across the region need humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million people who are internally displaced and facing a myriad of challenges.

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Learning With Kaya: Meet Bdour

Learning with Kaya: Meet Bdour

Bdour is from Jordan, she has been a humanitarian worker for more than 8 years and currently works at Save the Children International, as a Regional Education in Emergencies Professional Development Program Manager.
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Becoming HPass Certified: Q&A With Alaa Albakour From Violet Organisation

Becoming HPass Certified: Q&A with Alaa Albakour from Violet Organisation

Violet is one of the latest organisations to obtain HPass Certified Status. We talked to Alaa Albakour, Youth and Women Empowerment Manager, about what this means for the organisation.
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Learning With Kaya: Meet Sara

Learning with Kaya: Meet Sara

Sara currently works as a Mental Health Coordinator and Supervisor in a local NGO in Lebanon. The country's economic crisis has made it very difficult for people to pay for courses as restrictions have been set on bank accounts. However, Sara heard about Kaya, our free online learning platform, and this has allowed her to expand her knowledge for free.
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